University Grades

The table below displays fake information on university pass rates. This is accessed from a MySQL database and can be modified to accomodate different needs.

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Name First 2-1 2-2 Third Did not finish

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University Data RSS feed (Taken from here)

This is an example RSS feed displaying the university data, generated from the table above.


UWE produced gradutes with 25 firsts, 30 seconds(higher), 28 seconds(lower) and 22 thirds, with 7 students dropping out.


Bristol produced gradutes with 30 firsts, 23 seconds(higher), 32 seconds(lower) and 23 thirds, with 4 students dropping out.


Exeter produced gradutes with 28 firsts, 22 seconds(higher), 24 seconds(lower) and 29 thirds, with 9 students dropping out.


Cardiff produced gradutes with 22 firsts, 23 seconds(higher), 21 seconds(lower) and 24 thirds, with 5 students dropping out.