Sprite Racer!

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In response to my earlier post, I thought it would be good to try and create a moving animated sprite, which ended up with me racing five of them! Each of the sprites have their own handicaps, and mean that some have a better chance of winning than others. A successful runner is determined by their acceleration (speed from A to B), endurance (speed from B to C) and stamina. Stamina is the percentage of the track that the runner can accelerate for. Fig. 1.1 explains this further.

Fig. 1.1

So a runner with a high stamina and endurance, but low acceleration, would start off slower, but maintain their speed for longer. Whereas a sprinter would have a higher acceleration, but start to slow down earlier. There are a few wild cards in that sometimes runners get a second wind and suddenly increase speed as the race continues, which could be the difference between second and first!

For testing purposes, or if you want to simulate your own races, there is an option to configure the runners, to find out who would win the race.

Demo Configure

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