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PHP Instant Messenger

This is a little experiment demonstrating the use of PHP to create an instant messenger program. It supports multiple users and even allows you to register to chat. A chat history of one day is displayed. read more.

Sprite Racer

In response to my earlier post, I thought it would be good to try and create a moving animated sprite, which ended up with me racing five of them! read more.

Noughts And Crosses

To start the game simply click on any free square. Once the game has finished, you can either reload a new round or reset the game altogether using the links below the board. Feel free to experiment with it, the computer should be impossible to beat with all the checkboxes selected! read more.

Sprite Animation

It wasn't very long ago that virtually all games on the web involved installing Flash or some other heavey-duty software package, but now, with the help of HTML5 it couldn't be easier. read more.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are great for making your website more interesting and can be an effective marketing tool if used right. Below are three ways to get the effect you want. You will need Gimp or some similar tool to follow these tutorials. read more.

Optimising images on a website

When including images on your website, it is important that they load quickly so not to delay the page. The following ideas can help this issue if used correctly. read more.


I decided to resurrect one of the projects I worked on in my second year of university, because it contains a lot of useful tools for reading RSS feeds in PHP. The project involved choosing two towns with at lease one twin town each, displaying news, weather and twitter feed information for each. read more.

Three JQuery Features

JQuery is a powerful JavaScript library, which is becoming increasingly popular and widely supported. Here are three simple (but effective) things you can do with only a few lines of code. read more.

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