Utilising RSS Feeds For Twin Towns In PHP

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A second year university project to capture information about two towns and their twins, using RSS news, weather and Twitter data. There is also a map from Google displaying each town's location.


I decided to resurrect one of the projects I worked on in my second year of university, because it contains a lot of useful tools for reading RSS feeds in PHP. The project involved choosing two towns with at lease one twin town each, displaying news, weather and twitter feed information for each. For those who don't know what a twin town is, have a read of this.

View the site here.

Feel free to have a look around. The website was a group project that I carried out with two of my peers and can be accessed here. Unfortunately, the twitter feed is no longer supported, but this file contains the URL's used for getting the information for one of the towns. Each town has its own corresponding XML file.

This project was a great way to gain a lot more experience of PHP in a short space of time. It has helped me a lot with future tasks, giving me a much better understanding of RSS feeds. This little experiment for example demonstrates a similar set of tasks. It reads and writes to RSS feeds, as well as reading/writing XML files and accessing database information. There is also a responsive JavaScript graph to display everything neatly.

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